Variable Air Volume Units

Variable Air Volume Unit

In a Variable Air Volume (VAV) system, air delivery volume varies directly with the changing cooling or heating load, thus saving energy at part-load conditions.

Another benefit that makes VAV a popular choice in HVAC design is its capability to control temperature in multiple zones. Compared to a conventional constant volume system, a VAV system has multiple VAV terminal boxes, each serving a zone controlling air flow to that zone and maintaining the set-point temperature.

Trane leads in VAV technology with its innovative range of VariTrane units (single duct and fan-powered types) that are designed for diverse applications and environments. Applications include offices, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, malls and educational facilities. VariTrane provides the most reliable and flexible products available, further enhanced by Trane DDC controls, to implement systems level control strategies like ventilation reset and static pressure optimization and improved systems performance and efficiency.

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